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New Courses Im attending in 2014

I am booked on a ‘ Myofascial Release Course’ in February and looking forward to some new techniques to use with my patients.

Also booked on ‘Treatment of Road Cycling injuries and Bike Set Up’ in May 2014 to help all my Surrey cycling patients and hopefully help myself go a little faster and safer! Watch this space for more information

Running Tips

Running tips
Always wear shock absorbing insoles especially if running on tarmac i.e. Sorbothane
The instep support and foot position is very important as the stresses through your foot multiply by 7 when running rather than walking!
For good reasonably priced advice look up your local Shuropdy shop who have trained podiatrists who can advice you on off the peg insole or custom made depending on your budget.
You should change your running shoes every 500 miles . This can vary depending on running style and weight etc
Always get your running shoes fitted properly and a specialist running shop . Locally I can recommend:
Born 2 Run in Ashtead
Sweatshop in Teddington
You should always be warmed up and stretched before setting out on your run. Don’t use your run as a warm up.
Your body temperature needs to be raised by one degree ( your cheeks starting to be slightly flushed) to warm tissues ready for stretching to prevent injury. You need to stretch Calf( Gastrocnemius and Soleus), Hamstrings, Quadriceps and hips.
Your hip ( buttock ) muscles control to balance and power of the lower limb. Ever thought of strengthening you Gluteus ( buttock) muscle to improve your strength and performance? Tight hamstrings are often due to them over working due to strength and control lacking in the buttock muscles.
Always wear reflective clothes when running at night.
Happy running!!

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Get fit for skiing while at home or work!

Easy things to do to kick start your fitness campaign for your skiing holiday
-Always use the stairs instead of lifts.. try running upstairs instead of ambling!
-When you get to the top step hang your heel over the edge and stretch your Achilles Tendon
-When standing up from your chair only use one leg to strengthen your quads muscles
-Each time you sit or stand from the toilet ,repeat this action 10 times to strengthen your buttock and thigh muscles
-When chatting on the phone stand with your back to the wall and slide down and hold the ski sit position for 60 seconds or until your thighs quiver!
All these will help your strength and endurance to get the most out of your ski trip!
Dont put it off ..start now!